Amazfit BIP Lite customizing

The Amazfit BIP Lite (*) (Huami) is a simple and cheap smartwatch (kind of like the Amazfit BIP without GPS) with basic functionality like display of notifications, alarms, fitness (steps) and pulse tracking and such. The hardware is great since it features a rather long battery life (two weeks and longer), has an always-on color touch display and is water-proof (3ATM). All for around 60Eur. And it got Gadgetbridge support!

It is no pebble firmware-wise (regarding the openess) but one can quite easily hook it up with gadgetbridge (in order to avoid having the cloud-based app installed) and customize the watchface.

Connecting the Amazfit BIP Lite with Gadgetbridge requires a small effort because the initial pairing is done via some one-time-key exchanged with the Amazfit servers, tools and description can be found on

Installing a custom watchface via Gadgetbridge is easy. One can download the files from a huge selection at

If that is not enough, creating a watchface is as simple as:

In order to modify an existing one, it needs to be decompiled. The tools (mostly windows unfortunately) can be found here like the AmazfitBipTools.

A watchface consists of a JSON file and images.

Inspired by Buttlock i then created this simple yet clearly readable watchface.

Of course, maybe eventually, BipOS might be fully open, ready and available for the Amazfit Bip Lite, who knows?

(*) Affiliate Link