Howto fix low internal memory issue on BlackBerry OS 10

So after using BlackBerry OS 10 for a while, you might get a notification that the internal memory is full. You can delete some unwanted apps and data or move pictures and music to the external card but it will happen again. The internal memory usage just creeps back up.

There are some posts on CrackBerry describing the issue and the usual suggestions are

  • delete unwanted apps and data
  • reboot phone
  • security wipe (all data lost
  • autoload new OS (all data lost)

Luckily, there is also this post which describes a fix using the Android app Ccleaner.

Using the most current version of Ccleaner did not work for me, it always got stuck at some point.

So here is the trick: i looked at the forum posts date and downloaded an older version of Ccleaner from around that time. Not only was the download only 4MB instead of 20MB, but it also found around 8GB of picture thumbnails to remove from internal storage so now im good again for a while.

To another 5 years of BlackBerry OS 10, for me on a Q10 :)

PS: well, this draft did not age well, but maybe its helpful for anybody still sticking to BBOS.